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Learning loves community.

Flipgrid is the leading video discussion platform used by millions of PreK to PhD educators, students, families, and organizations in more than 150 countries! Create a Grid (that’s your classroom or group), add Topics to spark the discussion, and your community builds a dialogue as they share short video responses. Super simple. Super powerful. Endless uses.

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Ignite authentic, social learning with your students.

Your PLN

PLN + staff

Engage your professional learning network.

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Share intros, video yearbooks and announcements.

Your event


Supercharge a conference or school event.



Create your very own social learning network.

Your Topics

Spark their creativity.

Don’t just ask a question. Expand their world and ignite a discussion! Foster previous experiences, share a booktalk, discuss current projects and events, delve deep into STEAM ideas, or collaborate on anything. If you believe it’s valuable for students to verbalize their learning processes ... that’s a Flipgrid Topic! You can moderate videos, provide custom feedback, set the privacy rules, and more.

Topics Topics

You are the Topic designer!

Record and upload video stimuli. Embed YouTube and Vimeo videos. Upload a high-resolution image for your students to discuss. Or, add a little fun with GIPHY and Emoji. You can also feature an attached file (OneNote, Google Docs, etc), document (PDF, Word, Dropbox, etc), or any website as the stimulus in your Topics. Better yet, embed your Flipgrid Topic in a HyperDoc!

Design your Topic Design your Topic

The Power of


Their Responses

So long, back row.

Bring the back row to the front and engage all of your students. Together! Flipgrid helps all learners define their voices, share their voices, and respect the diverse voices of others. Empathy. That’s what it’s all about! Flipgrid has the most powerful, quick, and easy-to-use recorder in the industry. And our video response player is as natural as Facebook with custom reactions and student-to-student replies.

Responses Responses

Private sharing for families

Privately share student videos with their #1 fans through a simple link. Family members can view their student’s response, see your Topic prompt, and download the video for future memories. Better yet, invite family members to participate in your Grids. Flipgrid is also a fantastic way to introduce your school or district to the parents, students, and valued members of your community.

What Ts are saying

Flipgrid love.

"Flipgrid is my desert island edtech platform. The opportunities are endless."

Kristina Holzweiss @lieberrian
K12 Librarian, Long Island, New York
2015 SLJ Librarian of the Year

"Flipgrid is without a doubt my favorite tool for student engagement."

Dan Klumper @danklumper
Education Instructor, Dakota State University, South Dakota

"Flipgrid is a catalyst for bringing dialogue back to the classroom."

Kali Alford @Technitkali
CCSD Digital Learning Coordinator, Atlanta, Georgia

"It gives that kid in the back of the class a chance to have their voice heard."

Joe Merrill @MrMerrillsClass
1st Grade Teacher, Lake Park Elementary, Naples, Florida



Better together.

We’ve got you covered! Through custom integrations like our Canvas and Microsoft Teams apps, or a simple embed, Flipgrid integrates seamlessly into your favorite platforms. Also, Flipgrid LOVES to appsmash!

Canvas and other integrations Canvas Integrations

Our pledge

Privacy is paramount.

Flipgrid is a proud signatory of the Student Privacy Pledge and the European Union Privacy Shield Framework We also pride ourselves on simplicity, so we outlined our Privacy Principles based on your privacy and terms of use questions.

Privacy Pledge

Welcome to the

#FlipgridFever community!

As much as we love student voice, we love great support! That’s why our team is here to help you along the way. In addition, you can find unparalleled support and inspiration at any time from our #FlipgridFever global community of Flipgrid Ambassadors and educators!

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