Empower every voice.

Flipgrid is 100% free for all educators, learners, and families. Engage and empower every voice in your classroom or at home by recording and sharing short, awesome videos...together!

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Flipgrid is social learning for PreK to PhD learners ... and beyond!

Join educators and learners across 180 countries as they experience the magic of student voice. When learners reflect upon, discuss and showcase what they are learning, making, reading, solving, experiencing, playing … it’s always better together!

Educators create Grids and add Topics

Grids are the meeting place for your classroom, your school, your department or any learning community to discuss your Topics.

Start with an icebreaker, add weekly reflections, share book talks, explore STEM principles, give mini-presentations ... any Topic to ignite discussion! Check out the Flipgrid Educator’s Guide by our awesome friends Karly, Sean and Jennifer!

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Phones showing Flipgrid

Learners share their ideas, stories and work

Watch confidence and creativity flourish as your learners record short, authentic videos based on your Topics.

From the back row to the front, every learner shares their voice and builds upon the diverse voices of their peers.

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Coolest storytelling camera ... on any device!

It’s simple, fun and takes only a few minutes! Learners pause and flip their camera while recording, add uploaded photos and videos, trim unlimited clips and include a whiteboard, video styles, text, emoji, inking and more to superpower their stories!

Invite families to the discussion

Share individual learner videos with family members or curate MixTape collections of videos for families to follow.

To extend the discussion, create Guest Mode Topics and invite families to record from home or during conferences! Educators always have full control of Grids and videos.

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Share magic on

Create a QR code for every Flipgrid video and view the magic of student voice in augmented reality. Transform family nights, homework, school events, book reviews, science fairs, art galleries, classrooms and your entire school by sticking these codes ... everywhere!

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See #FlipgridAR in action

Download the free Flipgrid Student app and scan this QR code in app to see the magic!

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10,000+ ready-to-launch Topics just for you

Ignite discussion with launch-ready, resource-packed, age- and subject-specific Topics from your fellow educators around the world. Every Topic can be modified to meet the specific needs of your learners or simply launched as-is!

Also, check out weekly Topic Playlists from our inspiring Disco Library partners!

Featured Flipgrid Disco Library Topics
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Build global empathy and connect your classrooms with #GridPals

Defy timezones and connect your learners with their Flipgrid peers around the globe! 10,000+ educators are eager to join you and your community in rich discussions to build a more supportive, collaborative and empathetic world. Check out the #GridPals Adventure Passport by the amazing Bonnie!