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Learning loves community Globe

Flipgrid is the leading video discussion platform for millions of PreK to PhD educators, students, and families in 180+ countries. Create a Grid community for your classroom, school, PLC, #GridPals, families, and more!

Flipgrid on phones Flipgrid on phones

Educators inspire with Topics Fire

As the educator, you are the Topic designer with specialized resources and attachments. Back-to-school intros, booktalks, reflections, expert Q&As, showcase STEAM ideas...the possibilities are endless for students to verbalize their learning!

Flipgrid Topics Flipgrid Topics

Students share and discuss Green heart

Every student has a voice, so let’s amplify! Students record short, authentic videos and can reply to each other’s videos. Educators are 100% in control with video moderation, access controls, and much more.

Flipgrid on a tablet Flipgrid on a tablet

Coolest camera on the block One hundred

Let your students’ creativity flourish with the powerful, easy-to-use recording tools. Students can capture widescreen videos, pause while recording, add more after reviewing, and trim to perfect. From 15 seconds to 5 minutes, your students can perfect the elevator pitch or give a short presentation.

Flipgrid Camera Flipgrid Camera

Any device... Anywhere Mic drop

Let your students share their voice anywhere by using any Surface, Chromebook, laptop, iPad, iPhone, or Android device. Also, check out our free Windows 10, iOS, and Android apps below!

"Flipgrid is revolutionizing the way teachers teach and students learn!"


"If social media and student centered learning had a baby, it would be Flipgrid!"


"Flipgrid has not only amplified my students' voice but their confidence, as all voices are heard."


"Flipgrid transforms discussions by extending the learning environment beyond classroom walls."


"Flipgrid is amplifying student's ordinary voice to extraordinary!"


"Ownership, voice, collaboration, creativity, global connections, problem solving, reflection...Flipgrid is this and so much more!"


"Flipgrid is the pot of gold at the end of the tech tools rainbow!"


"Flipgrid changes the game in education by empowering student voice like never before."


Connect with #GridPals Raised hands

Take your classroom global and connect with another educator to set up a #GridPals collaboration. Check out this amazing GridPals guide created by the first ever GridPal, Bonnie McClelland!

Flipgrid on a Surface Flipgrid on a Surface

1000s of ready-to-rock Topics Party

Need an idea for your next Flipgrid Topic? Check out the Discovery Library where educators share their best Topics for a wide-range of ages and subjects.

Flipgrid Disco Library Flipgrid Disco Library

Student Voice is Magic Shooting star

All learners have a voice ... let’s amplify!

So much more... Rocket

That’s not all folks… Flipgrid is jam-packed with features you’ll love like video downloads, stickers & drawings, custom assessment rubrics, video feedback, MixTapes, Topic invites, private share links, Vibes, and more! The entire #FlipgridFever community is here to support you!