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A grid is where your students go to view your topics, record their responses, and reply to their classmates. Grids can be open or locked and embedded into any LMS or website.

Topics spark ideas and fuel the conversation. Add a new topic for an upcoming project, weekly readings, around current events, or wherever you want to lead the discussion.

Students respond with videos recorded on their laptop, iOS, or Android device. Students have unlimited retakes, can pause and resume, and flip the camera to share their environment.

Inspire student leaders. Prompt students to ask questions and explore each other’s perspectives through replies. Each video can be the spark for an entirely new discussion.

Designed by You

Flipgrid was designed by a professor and graduate students at the University of Minnesota. Today we work with PreK-PhD teachers, students, principals, and parents to make Flipgrid... simple.

Social learning.

Equal voice.

Every student benefits from each student's perspective. Flipgrid draws the entire class into an open discussion of divergent experience, perspective, evaluation, and debate. In other words, bring the back row to the front.

Your learning community.

Your control.

The Flipgrid discussion is as open or restricted as you like. You hold the keys for access, discussion topics, curation, moderation, visibility, and social sharing. It’s like your own social network for your learning community!

Feedback + Assessment


Do more than grade. Amplify student voice and build articulate reasoning skills at the same time. Help students improve by understanding their mastery of both content and delivery through easy-to-use, individualized qualitative and quantitative opportunities.

PreK-PhD Educator Pricing

Our pricing is simple. Flipgrid One is FREE for all PreK-PhD educators. For Flipgrid Classroom each educator pays a yearly subscription fee for unlimited use and all premium Classroom features. ALL students have free access on Flipgrid One and Flipgrid Classroom.

  • Flipgrid One
  • Free

    for PreK-PhD educators

  • 1 grid
  • Unlimited students
  • Unlimited topics
  • Unlimited responses
  • Video transcriptions
  • Free iPhone, iPad + Android apps
  • Get Started for FREE
  • Flipgrid Classroom
  • $65

    per educator per year

  • Unlimited grids
  • Unlimited students
  • Unlimited topics
  • Unlimited responses
  • Unlimited replies-to-responses
  • Video keywords + video transcriptions
    (Feb 2017)
  • Embed fully functional grids
  • Student Feedback + Assessment
  • Feature responses and topics
  • Download video responses
  • Global Classroom Grid Connections
  • Export data to gradebook and Excel
  • Move/Duplicate grids, topics, videos
  • Customized grid code names
  • Usage Visualization and Dashboard
  • Exclusive webinars and certifications
  • Free iPhone, iPad + Android apps
  • + much, much more!
  • Get Started for FREE
  • Classroom 10-PACK
  • $400

    for 10 Classroom subscriptions

  • Want to ignite discussions with your school, district, or department colleagues? Contact us to learn more about our Classroom 10-packs today!
  • sales@flipgrid.com

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